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circus tent for rent, frequently asked questions, how to
  Here is a list of frequently asked questions about our tent:
  How much does the tent cost to rent?
hThe price varies depending on the length of the rental.
Call today for specific pricing for your event +1 (450) 916-9903
  How many people can fit in the tent?
hOur tent can seat up to 300 people on folding chairs, 450 on bleachers, or 170 in a formal seated dinner table setting.
  Is there a stage or dance floor in the tent?
hWe have stage and dance floor options available but this will have an impact on seating capacity.
  What is on the floor?
hFor a normal setup the floor is the grass or ground below but we have floor covering options available.
  What makes this tent different from a standard event tent?
hThis is a real, authentic circus tent made by the famous French tent maker VSO (Voilerie du Sud Ouest). This company makes circus tents for all the big touring circuses including Cirque du Soleil.
  How big is the tent? What is the footprint?
hThis is a smaller “two poster” more intimate circus tent better suited to private and corporate events. The overall footprint is 55’ X 65’ inside the guy lines.
  Do I need a permit to have this tent at my site? Is this part of the rental?
hDepending on your site and jurisdiction you may need a building permit in order to have this or any other large tent set up. On private property you probably won't, but if this is an urban, public space then you will. We have a package available with all the technical details to help facilitate this process. These permits are generally easy to obtain given some time. They are not too costly but this price is not included in the tent rental price.
  My site is paved or concrete – can I still have the tent?
hThis tent can be set up on asphalt IF permission is gained to drive our tent poles through the pavement. Concrete however is impossible to set up on. The best site is a field of grass.
  How long does the tent take to set up and take down?
hOur experienced team can set up and strike the tent in one day.
  What does the tent come with?
hThe tent is available as is or with the various options listed here.
  Do you have different tents or just the one?
hAt the moment we have just one tent, but we may obtain more as time goes by.
  What if it rains – will my guests stay dry?
hThe tent is completely waterproof, even in the biggest rain storm.
  What if it is cold/hot out – how can I keep my guests comfortable?
hWe have heating and air conditioning options available, but generally the tent is used in seasons where the weather makes this unnecessary.
  What is it like inside?
hThis tent creates a wonderfully theatrical atmosphere. The tent walls are dark blue so that the focus is on the action inside. We have lighting, staging, scenic and theatrical packages (listed here) available to dress the space up how you like.
  Can I see the tent before I rent it?
hSometimes this may be possible if the tent is on a rental close to the time of your event and we can arrange permission. However, most of the time the tent lives in its own special trailer waiting for people like you to rent it, and is not available for viewing.
  What is involved in getting the tent for my event?
hFirst we do a site survey, either in person or via phone and photos, to determine if your site is suitable. When you book the tent for your event we require a 50% deposit. We deliver the tent via truck in its own special trailer. Our experienced team will set up the tent and then tear down when your event is over.
  Do I need insurance?
hEvent insurance is required to cover the tent and your occupants from after set up until we strike the tent.